Many thanks for a great class

Many thanks to you all for a great class and superior results. I enjoyed seeing you grow through play and experimentation and I hope you will carry this spirit with you for a bit longer. Full comments of each presentation – including Rick’s notes – will follow by the weekend by email.

Congratulations to all.


Look out Loblaws

After years of prototyping and testing, Amazon is now ready to being rolling out it’s online grocery service. Aside from the obvious disruption to any grocery store, this opportunity provides some interesting benefits to Amazon’s existing business. Do you think that Amazon has finally figured out the recipe for a successful online grocery store, or is this just another doomed Grocery Gateway? Have a look at the full article here.

Boxed Reality

So whatever augmented or virtual reality will become commonplace in the next few years, Google has made it clear that it will still have a sense of humour. Spoofing their own Google Cardboard that turns your smart phone into a virtual reality mount, Google had some fun promoting Google Cardboard Plastic. Perhaps it was a delayed April fools gag, or just driving the point home that perhaps the most realistic reality is sometimes the one you are currently living.